16 June 2010

am a fan

since marta uses this phrase often i have not so i wouldn't be a copy cat. however, i have said am a fan for like ever so....

am a fan of keen sandals....navy dream please

am a fan of bill bryson and is A Walk in the Woods. i love to learn and laugh all at the same time.

am a fan of my guys learning as many musical instruments as they wish.

am a fan of girl's night out. especially when it is with some new pals and it includes mexican food and a chick flick!

am a fan of traveling. oh how i love the open road. visit new places. meet new friends.

am a fan of  white pizza. can't think of anything better to eat!

am a fan of friends who are my own personal cheerleaders. your words mean so much. love you to bits!

am a fan of being authentic. learning to love the skin you are in. not worrying if someone else will agree with your opinion or like what you are wearing.

what are you a fan of??


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  2. Stephanie I love your recent posts! In answer to your question - "what are you a fan of?"

    I'm a fan of -

    Unexpected phone calls that begin with "Hi Nonna" from our sweet grandson who turns 2 years old today.

    Stella Mare Gardenia soy candles.

    Julie Moir Messervy's beautiful gardening book. I'm inspired each time I turn a page!

    Simply prepared dinners of purple hull peas, juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, squash sauteed with onions and bell peppers, and roasted ears of corn all grown in our family garden.

    Your new project - snailsandpiggytails.blogspot.com