19 April 2010

today i....

today i....

woke up early to shuffle the boys out the door to seminary...boy is 5am early.

made breakfast for my family of the eggs from our own chickens.

wiped away a tear when i left my peeps @ school.

sat in the first quiet of the morning...the time when the boys have just left and it is just me and my thoughts.

made a trip to the library and soaked up the stories, the words...nothing better.

made a after school hour reading tent to read Milne with my sawyer because the rain made the ground too wet to lie on our blanket to read. the hour when kindergarten is over but high school has not. the hour that is sawyer's & mine.

took the time to take a breath and be thankful. thankful for my family. thankful for this life that is full and chaotic. for the opportunity to shape the minds of these special boys. and to have mine shaped by them.

listened to my husband be a father to his sons. a talk around the dinner table. talking about their day, his job, and teaching them to be men.

watched jordan cook dinner. a favorite dinner of ours...spaghetti and meatballs.

felt my heart grow just when i thought that was impossible.

listened to my littlest peep read to me with his oldest brother playing jazz from his room as our soundtrack. music to my ears.

got down on my knees. prayed for my family and my friends. prayed that i might
be the mother that is pleasing unto Him.

what did you do today?

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