21 April 2010

oh what a night

just when you think you have settled in for a quiet evening.....

sawyer had just had his bath.

i had cleansed my face and had my pjs on.

jordan was at a soccer match with lindsey & family.

cameron was building sawyer a desk. he had cut down a smallish tree. cut it in pieces to make legs. sanded those legs. started sanding the top and was pulling an old nail out when the chaos started. "Mom i think i need to go to the hospital. i ripped a hole in my arm." he says

and a hole he did rip. while pulling that nail out with fencing pliers (the ones with a hooked end), the hook caught him in the arm. it was terrible! i threw on a cardigan and flip flops. sawyer through on real clothes and we were gone.

(sawyer is always there to lend moral support)

two hours in the emergency room and 5 stitches later we were on our way back home. poor cameron. my baby was brave. "i am a man" he says. but i saw his eyes while the doctor administered the numbing shots. i think he will make it however. plenty of phone calls from friends and of course the girls that swarmed him when i dropped him at school this morning make for good medicine.


  1. I think that had to of hurt a little.

  2. It's always something, you know?!?!

    Poor guy -- not a fun event (although perhaps Sawyer provided a little bit of entertainment?) Hope Cameron's arm feels better soon!