13 April 2010

10 things

  1. jack johnson
  2. homemade white pizzas
  3. kaminari taiko
  4. early morning walking....love to see the sun rise as i walk
  5. gyros
  6. teaching sawyer to read
  7. celestial university
  8. $6 facials
  9. dates with my peeps
  10. photography


  1. Did you see that Kaminari Taiko's next performance is at the DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL?? I have no idea what that is, but I'm assuming since it's got both "dragon" and "boat" in the title, it's going to be outstanding.

  2. i did and was super duper excited for about 60 seconds until i realized that is the day of the mediterranean festival in beaumont...nothing is getting between me and my gyros!