14 April 2010

how dare they!

how dare they? how dare my sweet little fellas grow up.

this one. this one with his electric eyes and contagious smile. his love of all things golf and his friends. ever the peace maker and nary a more compassionate heart. always willing to lend a hand with smile. often with a book in his hand ready to have a discussion with his mother. when did he stop playing four square and start driving? when did he move on from finger painting to college english (as a junior i might add)? i am so proud of this young man...this leader among young men with heart that belongs to his Father in Heaven 1st and to his mother 2nd.

and this one. this one with his dark hair and mischievous grin. his quiet yet fun take on life. his love of animals and brothers. always in search of the joy life has to offer. to make another smile. the sweet, reverent way he passes the sacrament each Sunday. this soul filled with compassion, so much so he would give up going to a movie to stop and change a flat tire for another mother whom he didn't know. a bestest buddy of his younger brother. who told him he could go from a tree climbing, bicycle riding cub scout to a high school freshman with a driver's license in his horizon? oh how do i love this gun toting, sling shot making, car loving boy.

and finally this small one. this cotton topped kindergartener oozing with charm. his excitement of learning new things and willingness to bring me along. he too has a love for all things golf, and animals, and well, life. this renaissance boy who loves with passion sketching, fishing, painting, music, gardening, books, building, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and again life. always willing to do his part. to work hard and play harder.generous. kind. loving. and a good eater to boot. this sweet spirit has gone to a newborn in NICU clinging to life to an athletic young boy. from toddle to a gallop. from being read to now reading to us. my baby is no longer much of a baby and now more a boy. this guy, like his brothers, holds my heart in his tiny, dirt stained hands.

how dare they?

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