01 April 2010

a little late but here i am and apparently beautiful

my sweet sweet sister in law Erin has awarded me the beautiful blogger award. isn't that the nicest? i have a feeling she has run out of beautiful blogs to award and has been forced to mediocre blogs. in any case, thanks!
the one and only rule is that i share with my readers 10 things they do not know about me. TEN?! okay, let my nerdiness go public......
  1. i love to fill out forms. if anyone goes to the doctor in my family, they just hand them to me. it has a proper place for each thing. a neat little box to check. a handy list to mark off. what could be better?
  2. i would rather be with my chickens than shopping. yes, the former queen of the mall is so over it. i love my girls (and 2 boys) and visit with them everyday. they give me lovely eggs daily so it is the least i can do to thank them and keep them company.
  3. log trucks freak me out. i will not drive behind a log truck. it is only a matter of time that they are going to come sliding out of those things and kill us all!!
  4. i dream of living in Vermont on a farm. it is gorgeous there and the farms in the pictures are of a Norman Rockwell quality. i am sure that i would be in heaven there with my sheep and goats and cows and pigs and chickens. i am sure of it.
  5. i sing every word to every song that comes on the car radio...very loudly i might add. it is sad but true. if only i could sing on key.
  6. i love my organic garden. OK that is not news to anyone but this is. i have signed up to take the master gardeners class with the Jefferson County Extension Agency. i have always wanted to do it so i am.
  7. i am super duper insecure. that has always been the case. how is that possible when you are so loud you ask? i do not know. i second guess myself at every turn. well....i did. i am working on it. i think it is getting better. i am me and that is all i can be.
  8. i wish i were a seamstress. i could make all sorts of lovely for me to wear and fabulousness for my home.
  9. i cannot stand gum or to watch it being chewed. totally grosses me out.
  10. i am a closet writer. there. my biggest secret. i should say i secretly write. i am no writer. but that doesn't stop me.

so there are my ten things. i now bestow this award to.........

::Lacy Ruggles

::Teri Iseman

::Jennifer Shepherd

::Molly Dunham

::Theresa Montes

::Shannon Swafford

::Monica Hindmarsh


  1. YAY! I love it when people play my games!

    And you still want to live in Vermont even after all Elder Perry said? Very brave, indeed, grasshopper.

  2. I can see you on a farm in Vermont -- except when there is 3 feet of snow on the ground. And you are right to be freaked out by log trucks. All big trucks are a road hazard for passenger cars. Look out!