01 February 2010

how do i love thee

let me count the ways. it is the month of love. how i love valentine's day. i know most people (men) think of it as a greeting card holiday but i think it is beautiful. nothing is better than a day that everyone is thinking love all together. in honor of this lovey dovey month, i am starting it off counting the ways i love my guy.

01.he makes me laugh...a lot...and all the time

02.he is always up for a good time. even if that good time is taking me to the bookstore and a movie of my choice

03.he works so very hard for us

04.he is quite awesome at spinning on his back and is willing to do it anytime, anywhere

05.he bought me chickens

06.he can build anything

07.he is a reader and became one because i said it would be good for him

08.he is patient with me when teaching me to play golf

09.he is a fun dad....the king of wrestling

10.he is the go to guy for school projects

11.he loves to hold hands and smooch

12.he is the light of my life and i love him to bits!

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