29 January 2010

this i have learned

this week we have been without internet...that is both terrible and fabulous. it was terrible because we have some work that needed to be turned in via email and i couldn't blog. however, i found more time to be with my thoughts. as i was pondering the lessons that i might have taught to my boys and what i have yet to teach them it occurred to me...they have taught me.

::i have learned to appreciate the perfect folded paper airplane

::i have learned that quiet is a relative term

::i have learned that waking before 5am for seminary makes the day

::i have learned that even if a close friend misunderstands your religion and hurts you to the core, that you forgive them and love them anyway

::i have learned that even a 5 year old loves to hear the scriptures read aloud

::i have learned that yes your heart can grow and grow and grow to make enough room for the immeasurable love for 3 sweet, valiant, kind, compassionate boys.

.....and i am the better for having known them.

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