25 January 2010


i have been away from this space for far too long.

i went to a lovely wedding this weekend.

i have had the best conversations with my peeps lately....such great boys i have

i miss my daddy and am ready for a trip to eureka

i want
this for my birthday and this, this, and this i cannot live without........looks like i want too much!

i have the greatest pal ever..........poor thing has spent almost every date night with us lately (good for me!)

i want to be one of
these and one of these

i am in love with this song and
this one

i cannot wait until valentine's day

i have several posts rolling around in my mind...need to get those out

i am super excited for tomorrow night's book club...loved Guernsey

i am in love with baking bread

i am so grateful to be a child of God

see you later in the week

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