10 January 2010

weekend update

this was a slow and easy kind of weekend. i love it when it turns out that way. my time was spent playing and recharging, visiting and laughing, cooking and a little cleaning. pjs were the uniform of choice. hot cocoa was our breakfast. spending time with my most favorite peeps fed my soul. i loved hearing about what happened in biology class or who was at the party and how it was soo fun afterwards. little eyes dancing with delight while the chipmunks squeaked and sharing fries with my best bud. this is what matters......this is the life.

::date night with the Fosters complete with a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings and then some bowling
::hand holding and talking about just anything with my beau
::a trip to see Chipmunks the Squeakquel
::yummy vegetable soup @ the inlaws
::lots of reading under covers
::fun surprises of a new cell phone to one super guy
::my car finally got fixed!!
::book shelf cleaned out
::much conversing with my peeps

hope your weekend was as fab as the bonins!


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  2. Let me try again. I appreciate your blog. There is a gentleness that I find inspiring. Your appreciation of the simple things lifts my spirit. Thanks.