01 January 2010

ringing it in

the last hours of 2009 could not have gone out more perfectly. 3 out of 4 of my most favorite boys in this world were home with me, enjoying each other, eating burgers & fries, discussing what we have read, play WII, and watching

a true new year's eve movie

i cannot recall a more special end of the year. everything so slow, so comfortable, so very peaceful. jimmy stewart gave us our excitement! "mom, i can't watch! my stomach hurts" says sawyer through opened fingers wrapped around his sweet little blue eyes. he thoroughly enjoyed it. and i him.

the eve of this new decade is a perfect example of how i intend on living this next one. simple, slow,comfortable, surrounded by the ones i hold dear to me. it occurred to me that i do not need to go looking for happiness and a good time anywhere but here. do other's know this secret? countless people last night may have just been looking for that. do they see through their bloodshot eyes this morning that they could have had a different experience? my prayer is that the lonely and lost find just that.....peace and comfort. and for those that have those eyes and have that peace. may you continue to feel its warmth.

may comfort, peace, health&happiness be yours in 2010!

how did you end 2009 and what are your plans for this new decade?

****having technical difficulties with blogger......the movie was Rear Window with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly

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  1. Great movie. Tell Sawyer that it scared me, too. Love the suspense without the gore. Happy New Year.