30 December 2009


a love a fresh start. a clean sheet of note paper for a list....my favorite thing. starting a brand spanking new year with that blank page waiting to be filled with resolutions, goals, books to read, compassionate service to carry out. what will 2010 hold for me...for you?

for starters:

*a daily dose of prayer and meditation before anything else
*a more healthful lifestyle
*appreciate nature and spending more time in it
*talk less and listen more
*feed my brain and my soul with good books, music, conversation
*be a more patient mother, wife and friend
*find ways to use & develop my personal talents
*show compassion and do service for my fellow man
*learn a foreign language
*master pasta making by hand
*build my self esteem
*increase my value with classsearch.com...be an asset
*go on dates with my boys individually...let them know they are important to me
*keep my journal religiously
*smile and make friends
*increase our organic garden and preserve as much as possible from it
*increase our poultry by adding ducks and more layers
*be a saver and not a spender
*teach my children to Love Another.....leading by example

book lust
:: The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty
:: Atlas Shrugged
:: Truman
:: The Wednesday Sisters
:: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
:: The Last of the Mohicans
:: Water for Elephants
:: East to the Dawn
:: Mornings on Horseback
::Jesus the Christ
:: 100 Years of Solitude
:: Einstein: His Life and Universe

i have great hope for this coming year.
what are you hopes, resolutions, reading list..............

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  1. A great list. By the way, I loved Mornings on Horseback. McCullough is one of my favorite historians. You might like his books about Lyndon Johnson, if you haven't read them.