14 February 2010

i find love

in a nest where the hen has laid the egg so carefully
in a laugh with good friends that just dropped by
in a humble prayer
in a wink across the room
in a seat saved in a pew to say i want to be next to you!
in the smile of a sweet stake president that hands you a temple recommend
in a strawberry dipped in chocolate for someone oh so special
in a rocking chair for your sweetheart with anticipated evenings while you grow old together
in a squeeze from a fair haired boy just because
in a halloween costume made by a mother's arthritic hands for the red headed apple of her eye
in a chicken fried by that same mother because it always makes her daughter feel better
in an orchid for a friend missing that mother
in a kiss goodbye before another 12 hour shift
in two brothers dressed in karate gear to "get" their sisters beau
in an uncle that scoops up his young nephew to sit awhile on his lap
in a song sung to cheer up an ailing wife....decked out in leather pants no less
in a most precious man that brings greens, brisket, and anything else he cooks to take care of a friend
in a mother of pups that wraps her legs lovingly around them while they nurse
in friends who appreciate a prayer and go out of their way to tell the giver so
in my very own for this life and the people that fill it

happy valentine's day

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