22 February 2010

Choose your partners for the Virgina Reel

This month's stake dance was hosted by Silsbee Ward. While taking the boys, we talked about the dance instruction that was going to happen that night. The only word we got was that is was to learn pioneer dancing for 30 minutes. The youth going on the Stake Pioneer Trek would be doing these dances at some point. On our way, we found out that my brother, Nick and his wife, Erin had come to get us to grab some dinner. With not very much arm twisting....the appeal of shaming Jordan and Cameron was too good to pass up....they came to the dance. At about the same time they arrived, Bro. & Sis. Hall did as well. (the awesome) Bro. Hall was the dance instructor. He was teaching the Virgina Reel. Cameron's face sunk as this was revealed! He is not exactly the spotlight kind of guy and with Uncle Nick in the mix, that meant sure humiliation. Something about me ruining his life by inviting Nick might have been mentioned. His dance partner bailed almost as soon as it began. Sweet relief, he had been spared. Not quite! His Aunt Erin happens to be a Virginia Reel super star. What amazing luck for our Cameron. She (with much persuasion from me...."you don't say no to Aunt Erin") taught him the finer points of the dosado and the proper yee haw. She swirled and twirled him. He, in true Cameron form, turned red and repeatedly tried to get out of it. It was classic! I never laughed more in my life. After she finally got too tired, she let him off the hook. He did have to get her punch though. It was a big night for our Erin, she even got to deacon shuffle with Jordan.

Erin has a good time no matter what. She has brought a great deal of joy and fun into our lives. We love our sweet, energetic Aunt Erin!

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  1. I don't know if "sweet" quite describes me. I was thinking more "sinister". Bless Cameron's heart for putting up with me. And bless Jordan for dancing with me, too. I appreciate them.