14 February 2010

by my own mother's hands

i shamelessly stole this picture from my sister in law's awesome blog. she posted it because nicholas was so stinking cute, i am quite sure. he was by the way. he never met a stranger, always had a smile, and looked like a little man....stinking cute!

i see something more. i can see in my mind's eye an incredibly sweet woman with the same auburn hair working away at the sewing machine on this costume. her swollen arthritic hands sewing through the night so her precious baby could be superman. and superman he was. if memory serves me, he even won first place for this costume at the ward party! i see his cute, slightly shy smile being so proud of the giant S on his chest when his name is called as winner. i can also see a mother beaming for her baby. thinking just how it was worth it for this very moment. she herself was supermom. and my amazing nick is still my superman.

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