01 September 2009

10 right now

::quiet time to reflect as i walk in the darkness each morning

::conversations with Sawyer as we wait for his brothers @ early morning seminary

::Julie & Julia.....the best movie i have seen in a great while

::my dear mother's pearls and the memory of my father taking me to the Metro in Jackson, Mississippi to help him choose a strand for her Christmas gift

::laughing out loud at/with Kevin

::homemade pizzas

::my hens aka the chooks


::the ritual of making school/work lunches......there is something soul satisfying about sending your guys off into this cruel world with a little bit of home with them

::reading Hemmingway

10 things that make me smile. What are yours?


  1. Loved Julie & Julia. Kind of a girl movie, but I liked it. It was one that Janet and I talked about afterward.

  2. i saw it twice and almost 3 times. i loved it but i also loved my life in france....it was a great read!