26 December 2013

this i know for sure...

*the look in my children's eyes on Christmas morning is the true gift
*being comfortable in your own skin is liberating beyond measure
*its not Christmas without a book or four under the tree
*there is nothing better than a clean sheet calling out for a good list
* bread made by your own hand tastes better than any other
*relationships are complicated, marriage is hard, but rarely is anything of value easy
*giving grace blesses you more than the receiver 
*listen more, speak less
*there are few things funnier than Modern Family. i am sorry, that show is hilarious. 
*i have missed this space

what do YOU know for sure?


  1. welcome back to this space, my friend. so happy to hear your voice and your list :)

  2. it’s good to see you here. :)

  3. I know it was good to read this. :)
    Trying to find my own way back to my writing space.