14 July 2013


this weekend was a trip to the Farmer's Market 
and then migas for breakfast.
it was a quick look in an estate sale...the late Ms Jeffrey
she was a fascinating women
lived in Japan just after WW2, was extremely well read, and an exceptional conversationalist. i adored her.
Sunday brought garden work. the Autumn garden is started.
a fish fry for my Cameron
and a wonderful visit with my sweet friend Lisa
the best part of the weekend was snuggled up with the mister 
watching a marathon   

How was yours?

linking up with the ever fabulous amanda


  1. lovely treasures from a treasured friendship <3

  2. awww, i could use a ms. jeffrey in my life. sad to hear she passed, happy you have some great memories.

  3. beautiful weekend.
    sad to hear you lost a dear friend. ((hugs))