10 July 2009

Sweet Sixteen

I cannot believe my beautiful boy is 16. Where did the time go? I look up and my cub scout is now a young man. In honor of this milestone I am listing 16 of his wonderful traits.
::loving brother
::lively, infectious smile
::love of learning.....especially scientific
::compassion.....his sweet love and willingness to help his fellow man humbles me
::a deep spiritual soul
::love of all Italian food.....I didn't know anyone could eat that much lasagna in one sitting
::a true scout.....he has been a scout from 6 years old and has loved every minute of it
::that laugh......no one can keep a straight face when he laughs!
::adventurous......up for anything, anytime
::a reader......can be found in a corner with a good book since he could read on his own..my boy!!
::outdoorsman........lover of hunting, fishing, camping ....you name it
::courteous......i never have to open my own door and am always met with a heartfelt thanks
I am privileged to have such a remarkable child. Each day I look forward to seeing this inquisitive, happy person. Thank you for the great example you are.
I love you Gome.

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