02 July 2009

Summer Reading

Summer reading is the best! You can read whatever you want. I have been asked by many what my boys are reading. So..........

Sawyer and I have been reading Stuart Little aloud. He is getting a kick out of all Stuart's scrapes! The biggest laughs come when the cat is involved in the danger. He says it reminds him of his grandmother's cat, Taz. Naturally, all of Stuart's belongings have to be miniature. Sawyer is fascinated with each and every one. He cannot believe that a hammer can be that tiny.Cameron is in the middle of To Kill a Mockingbird. Of course, he is learning that the combo of Scout and Dill are hilarious. I think his next choice will be something to with the wilderness. That is where he chooses to spend his days....exploring, swimming in the pond, bringing home specimens, fishing, hunting. What a perfect summer he is having!

Jordan is stranded with Robinson Crusoe. A perfect summer read. Talk about escaping for a few hours. The timing is just right for this novel. Jordan returned home from Boy Scout Summer Camp and started this. A few nights during the camp, he and a friend made their own shelter to sleep in rather than the hiking tents. Only teenage boys would rather make a shelter after 25 miles of canoeing than use the tent they brought!Now as for me. My bedside table is filled with choices. As is the floor next to it, the coffee table, and any other nook that will hold a book. I am finishing I Capture the Castle fight now. All Creatures Great and Small is waiting patiently. Barbara Kingsolver has written what seems to be a perfect summer read that I cannot wait to get to:: Prodigal Summer. As for Kevin he is finishing up a Ken Follet classic.

That is what the Bonin bunch is devouring. What are you reading?


  1. I plan on re-reading Robinson Crusoe later this year. My post is here.

  2. I am reading The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein.