13 June 2013

10 right now

summer has arrived on the bonin farm. cameron graduated from high school. we are picking tomatoes and squash from the garden. hours are spent at the water with rods and reels. i love this time of year. here are 10 things right now...

  • tomato sandwiches made home baked bread and a tomato from the garden
  • sitting on the bank with my peeps wetting a hook...and even catching a few
  • pouring through this and this for kitchen fun
  • ice cold lemonade and soft teacakes
  • this documentary is so interesting to me...i love to see how others live
  • raw milk...our family has made the 100% switch to raw milk. that  means our cream and butter are too. delicious and healthy! and a fantastic ride to the farm each week!
  • this guy! he is a rock star
  • making her strawberry jam...the best i've made yet
  • planning camping trips...LOVE state parks
  • culinary road trips


  1. look at all that jam! and yes, 'mater sandwiches are the best :)

    we make a trip every two weeks for raw milk (i freeze the extra in big ole half gallon mason jars) and it's always fun.

  2. your summer looks awesome <3