28 November 2012

right now, i am...

:: pondering  the gift of forgiveness...giving and receiving
:: hearing  the hearts of my peeps...small wish lists tells me they are content & happy
:: smelling  the aroma of meals & baked yumminess made by my own hand...ahh sweet comfort
:: wanting  to have the absolute best holiday ever and knowing simplicity is the key
:: anticipating  my 20th anniversary trip in a few weeks!!
:: growing  broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes in our garden
:: reading  Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory and The Wizard of Oz with Sawyer...LOVING both!
:: loving  the beautiful twinkling lights of the holiday season
:: feeling  more and more like my normal self
:: listening  to Christmas music on a constant loop
:: making   ornaments, snow globes,stockings, and wreaths...oh my!

::playing   countless rounds of GeoBee, Yahtzee, and Rush Hour
:: counting  my many blessings 

::needing  winter shoes...obsessed with driving moccasins
:: sending  Christmas cards to friends & family...oh how i adore stationery
:: wishing  you a happy holiday season!

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