03 July 2011


the weekend was swim suit wearing
shoe shopping
spending mucho time with the peeps
and with new buds!
pinning like crazy
pondering where I am going
where I have been
spending some time reading
spending some time watching this and this
eating BBQ with my eldest peep coupled with great conversation
helped a sweet friend say goodbye to her dad,
what a brave girl...so proud of her
remembering my mother and the day I said goodbye to her
then I went home and got a hug from Sawyer
now all is right in the world again.

**linking up with the fabulous Amanda


  1. You are a awesome lady. I love you

  2. i saw those shoes on your instagram - love them!!! your weekend sounds fabulous - especially the reading and bbq and hanging with your peeps. so glad to see you popping into blogland again :)

  3. Now those are some GREAT shoes!

  4. Oh so glad to have you back!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!